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Unveiling the Saudi Arabian Kingdom’s Involvement in the PGA Tour-LIV Golf Deal

Republished with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.

A recent hearing on the PGA Tour’s deal with the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) shed light on the complex relationship between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the international golf industry. As experts shared their insights on the matter, it became evident that the ominous shadows of the Saudi regime’s broader influence and human rights abuses loomed over this partnership.

The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund’s Expanding Influence:
Under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund, known as the Public Investment Fund (PIF), has witnessed exponential growth since 2015. The PIF has invested billions of dollars in various American companies, including Twitter, Uber, and Starbucks. Furthermore, the PIF’s commitment to the PGA Tour-LIV Golf deal has seen them allocate over $2 billion to the endeavor, with potential for further substantial investment.

Censorship Comparisons to China:
The Saudi Arabian Kingdom, known for its extensive censorship practices, has drawn comparisons to China. With only China surpassing Saudi Arabia in terms of censorship levels, it is distressing to witness such pervasive control over media and public opinion in both nations. Recognizing the Chinese Communist Party’s historical human rights abuses and censorship control, we begin to understand the gravity of the similarities highlighted during the Senate hearing.

Human Rights Abuses and Repression:
Witness testimony during the hearing exposed ghastly human rights abuses committed by the Saudi regime. Border officials were implicated in the mass murder of Ethiopian migrants, shedding light on the regime’s disregard for human life. Furthermore, the Saudi Kingdom’s involvement in the Yemeni civil war, which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, including innocent children, raises serious concerns about their actions and accountability as a nation.

Parallel Investigation into Saudi Involvement in 9/11:
The hearing also delved into the Saudi Kingdom’s potential involvement in the September 11 attacks. With redacted documents pointing towards the Saudi government’s support, victims’ families have been tirelessly pursuing justice. Unfortunately, the Saudi monarchy remains uncooperative and has evaded accountability through various means, even manipulating U.S. military veterans for their benefit.

Challenges to Transparency and Accountability:
The lack of transparency is not limited to the Saudi government alone, as even U.S. government agencies like the FBI and Department of Justice have withheld vital information from the American public. This withholding of evidence further complicates efforts to hold Saudi Arabia accountable. Encouraging full disclosure and transparency, members of Congress are fighting for the truth to be unveiled, despite the slow progress.

This post “Unveiling the Saudi Arabian Kingdom’s Involvement in the PGA Tour-LIV Golf Deal” was published with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.