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Red Bull’s Chance to Clinch the Constructors’ Championship: Mathematically Possible

Republished with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.

As the F1 season progresses, one of the key storylines revolves around Max Verstappen’s pursuit of his third consecutive Drivers’ Championship. However, while Verstappen’s individual triumph might steal the spotlight, there is a slim chance that Red Bull could mathematically secure their second consecutive Constructors’ title.

The Standings and Seventh-Grade Math:

Currently, Red Bull leads the Constructors’ Championship standings with 583 points, followed by Mercedes in second place with 273 points, and Ferrari in third with 228 points. Statistically, Mercedes is the only team with a realistic chance of surpassing Red Bull, albeit a rather slim one. Exploring the scenarios allows us to highlight the mathematical possibilities. Let’s break it down.

Maximum Achievable Points and Calculations:

With eight races remaining in the season, a team can accumulate a maximum of 44 points from regular Grand Prix weekends and 15 points from the remaining three Sprint races. Therefore, the total points up for grabs during these eight races amount to 397.

Considering Ferrari as an example, if Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. were to sweep the remaining races and Sprint events, they would gather a total of 625 points. To secure the title, Red Bull would then need Verstappen and Sergio Pérez to accumulate 41 points or less. Given that Red Bull is currently averaging 42 points per weekend, it seems highly unlikely that Ferrari could overtake them in the remaining races.

Mercedes, with 273 points, would need Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to perform similarly, accumulating the maximum 397 points. Under this scenario, Mercedes would reach a total of 670 points for the season, leaving Red Bull 87 points behind. As Verstappen and Pérez currently average 42 points per weekend, it is improbable for Red Bull to fail to close that gap in the remaining races.

Red Bull’s Path to Victory:

Having explored the possibilities for Ferrari and Mercedes, let’s focus on Red Bull’s narrow route to clinching victory this weekend. Following the Singapore Grand Prix, there will be a maximum of 353 points available to any team. Here’s what Red Bull needs to do:

1. Verstappen and Pérez must secure a 1-2 finish, putting Red Bull on 626 points for the year, effectively eliminating Ferrari from the title race.

2. To surpass Mercedes, Verstappen or Pérez must also secure the fastest lap in the Singapore Grand Prix. If this happens and Mercedes scores a solitary point or fails to score at all, Red Bull will clinch the title. A 1-2 finish along with the fastest lap would give Red Bull 627 points, while Mercedes could only achieve a maximum of 626 points.

Although it’s highly improbable that Red Bull will claim the Constructors’ Championship this weekend, there are slight mathematical chances that cannot be disregarded. The Japanese Grand Prix seems a more likely venue for Red Bull to secure the title. Nevertheless, as the season unfolds, these intriguing scenarios emphasize the excitement and unpredictability that Formula 1 brings to fans worldwide. So, buckle up and let the race for glory continue.

This post “Red Bull’s Chance to Clinch the Constructors’ Championship: Mathematically Possible” was published with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.