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Liam Lawson Prepares to Tackle the Demand of Marina Bay in Pursuit of a Full-Time Seat at AlphaTauri

Republished with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.

As the Singapore Grand Prix approaches, young driver Liam Lawson gears up for what could be his toughest challenge yet. With just his third F1 start on the horizon, Lawson must prove himself on the demanding street circuit of Marina Bay. Known for its grueling conditions and intricate course through Singapore’s Downtown Core and Kallang, this race presents an exciting opportunity for Lawson to showcase his talent.

For Lawson, this race holds a special significance rooted in his childhood memories and familial connections. “I was in Singapore last year as a reserve driver. When I was a kid, it was my favorite circuit,” Lawson shared in AlphaTauri’s media preview. “My dad actually used to promise me every year that he would take me to the Singapore Grand Prix, and in the end, we never went, but he’s going to be coming to the Grand Prix this weekend, so actually I’m taking him!”

Having demonstrated a strong performance at Monza during the Italian Grand Prix, where he finished just outside the points in 11th place, Lawson enters the Singapore Grand Prix with a newfound confidence. Taking into account his debut at the Dutch Grand Prix under short notice, he believes these experiences have aided in his growth and understanding of the complexities of Formula 1 racing.

“I definitely felt more comfortable in Monza than in Zandvoort, even if there’s still a lot to learn,” Lawson expressed. “Having done two races now, I’m also getting a better understanding of the difference between the tyre compounds, which is so important. I’d say Monza was pretty successful, even if it was disappointing to finish so close to the points. I think if I had had a better start, perhaps things could have been different, but it’s something that I will learn from, and I’m just excited moving forward.”

Marina Bay, however, brings its own unique challenges that even the most advanced simulators cannot fully capture. Lawson is well aware of the physical demands of the race, and acknowledges the difficulty of adapting to Formula 1 under such circumstances.

“I know this is a very tough race physically, and when you get thrown into F1 in this situation, even with all the training in the world, it’s still such a tough adjustment,” shared Lawson. “It’s going to be extremely difficult, but we’ve been training for it and doing everything we can to prepare for that. Last year, I experienced the nighttime routine. It’s cool, to be honest, to go through a weekend like that. It’s a bit different to normal.”

Understanding the necessity of building confidence early in the weekend, Lawson acknowledges the importance of getting accustomed to the track as quickly as possible. Street circuits pose a unique challenge in this aspect, requiring drivers to adapt swiftly and find their rhythm amidst the unforgiving barriers.

“Obviously, the biggest adjustment will be getting used to the track, as I’ve only driven it on the sim, and street circuits are probably the hardest to replicate,” Lawson admitted. “They take confidence, and when you’re new to the track, or even my situation being new to Formula 1, having that confidence early in the weekend is pretty tricky. I’ll be aiming to build up as many laps as we can, a bit like Monza, to be honest. That was the target there, and it will be a similar sort of thing.”

Lawson’s preview comes at a time of growing speculation regarding his future in Formula 1 and his potential with AlphaTauri. According to Nate Saunders of ESPN, Lawson has an “outside shot” at securing a full-time seat with AlphaTauri for the 2024 season. As he continues to impress with his performances and adaptability, his aspirations to solidify his position in the world of Formula 1 come closer to fruition.

As the Singapore Grand Prix draws near, all eyes are on Liam Lawson as he prepares to conquer the challenges of Marina Bay. With an unwavering determination and a proven ability to rise to the occasion, Lawson’s journey in Formula 1 promises to be an exhilarating one.

This post “Liam Lawson Prepares to Tackle the Demand of Marina Bay in Pursuit of a Full-Time Seat at AlphaTauri” was published with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.

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