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Top Storylines to Watch in the NFL Season Opener

Republished with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.

The NFL season is about to kick off, and there are several exciting storylines that football fans should keep an eye on. From the emergence of rookie running back Bijan Robinson in the Atlanta Falcons’ offense to Darren Waller’s impact on the New York Giants’ passing game, these narratives are sure to add spice to the upcoming games.

Bijan Robinson: The Ultimate Offensive Weapon:
The Atlanta Falcons made a smart move by selecting running back Bijan Robinson in the first round of the NFL Draft. With a versatile offense led by head coach Arthur Smith, Robinson is expected to become the ultimate weapon, just like a Soul Eater, in their arsenal. The Falcons’ offense thrives on breaking traditional positional norms, creating matchup problems for opposing defenses. Robinson’s outstanding positional versatility, combined with his ability to make defenders miss, will make him an immediate impact player in the NFL.

Robinson’s running skills are already evident from his preseason performance. His acceleration, burst, and elusiveness shone through in the Atlanta run game. Whether running the ball or catching passes out of the backfield or in the slot, Robinson’s explosiveness adds dynamism to the Falcons’ offense. Moreover, his route-running ability is impressive, with Robinson leading all college running backs in yards per route run in 2022. This versatility will significantly contribute to the Falcons’ passing game and add a new dimension to their offensive strategy.

Darren Waller: A Game-Changing Addition to the Giants’ Offense:
The New York Giants’ offense exceeded expectations in their first year under head coach Brian Daboll and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka. However, their passing game efficiency needed improvement. Enter Darren Waller, the Giants’ new tight end acquired in a trade from the Las Vegas Raiders. Waller’s mismatch potential in the passing game and ability to create separation instantly elevate the Giants’ offensive capabilities.

In preseason, Waller showcased how Daboll and Kafka plan to utilize his skills. They called isolation plays for Waller, taking advantage of his size advantage against smaller defenders. By creating opportunities for Waller to exploit the middle of the field, the Giants aim to improve their overall passing efficiency. Not only does Waller excel in generating his own separation, but he also opens up opportunities for other receivers by drawing defensive attention.

Waller’s impact extends beyond pass-catching. However, the Giants may face the challenge of opponents exploiting his limitations as a blocker. To counter this, the Giants could adopt a similar solution to the Kansas City Chiefs’ approach with Travis Kelce last season – adding more tight ends to the field. In the preseason, the Giants experimented with 13 personnel sets under center, providing further insight into their offensive strategy.

As the NFL season opener approaches, anticipation builds for the unfolding storylines. Bijan Robinson’s versatility promises to reshape the Atlanta Falcons’ offense and inject explosive plays to their game. Meanwhile, Darren Waller’s arrival offers the New York Giants a game-changing weapon in their passing game, allowing them to create mismatches and improve overall efficiency. Keep an eye on these two players as they have the potential to become focal points of their respective teams’ success.

This post “Top Storylines to Watch in the NFL Season Opener” was published with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.