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Viktor Hovland’s Dominance at the 2023 Tour Championship Sets CBS Viewership Records

Republished with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.

The 2023 Tour Championship held at East Lake witnessed a remarkable victory by Viktor Hovland, capturing the attention of millions of viewers worldwide and delivering record-breaking TV ratings for CBS Sports.

Despite Xander Schauffele’s valiant efforts, Hovland maintained a commanding three-stroke lead throughout Sunday’s round, resulting in an impressive surge in viewership for the Tour Championship.

In a recent memo released by CBS Sports, it was revealed that their final round coverage of the 2023 Tour Championship garnered an average of 4.613 million viewers. This impressive figure made it the most-watched telecast of the golf event since 2018.

Recalling the memorable 2018 Tour Championship, where Tiger Woods secured his first PGA Tour victory in five years, CBS Sports reached a staggering viewership of 7.202 million. However, it is noteworthy to mention that this particular tournament competed against NFL football broadcasts during the Sunday afternoon window.

Since then, the PGA Tour carefully adjusted its season schedule to ensure that the FedEx Cup playoffs conclude before football season begins. Despite this strategic change, Hovland’s dominant performance still managed to captivate fans and generate impressive viewership figures, even with his six-shot lead heading into the final round.

The final round of the Tour Championship was not without its obstacles, as severe weather conditions caused a 1-hour and 53-minute delay. Historically, such disruptions tend to lead viewers to switch channels or abandon coverage altogether. However, CBS Sports maintained an impressive peak viewership of 5.510 million during the broadcast, demonstrating the dedication of golf enthusiasts.

Even the early round telecast, which faced the brunt of the thunderstorms, drew 2.330 million viewers, showcasing the enduring appeal of professional golf on television.

One possible reason behind CBS’s remarkable numbers could be Hovland’s growing popularity. The 25-year-old Norwegian has captured the hearts of golf fans worldwide with his infectious smile and carefree personality. This was apparent in Atlanta, where spectators flocked to witness the rising star’s brilliance throughout the tournament.

Hovland’s victory at the BMW Championship, followed by his triumph at the Tour Championship, secured his claim to the coveted FedEx Cup – the PGA Tour’s season-long prize. Earning over $32 million from these two victories alone, Hovland solidified his position as one of the hottest players in the world.

CBS Sports also had an exceptional season, with their 42 PGA Tour telecasts averaging 2.206 million viewers, marking a 1% increase compared to 2022. The network’s commitment to delivering high-quality golf coverage has undoubtedly resonated with the audience.

This post “Viktor Hovland’s Dominance at the 2023 Tour Championship Sets CBS Viewership Records” was published with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.

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