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A 103-Year-Old Fan Inspires Rickie Fowler’s Success at the BMW Championship

Republished with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.

The BMW Championship has seen some exceptional golfing performances, but one player’s success can be attributed to an unexpected source of motivation. Rickie Fowler, the talented golfer, has been on fire at the championship, and the credit goes to his most loyal supporter, Grandma Susie.

As Fowler heads into the weekend contending for the BMW Championship, it’s evident that he carries the unwavering support of an incredible fan: his 103-year-old Grandma Susie. Despite never having attended a PGA Tour event until now, Grandma Susie has been a lifelong follower of the sport, and Fowler holds a special place in her heart. In 2020, the PGA Tour organized a special birthday video for Susie featuring some of golf’s biggest names, confirming Fowler as her favorite player.

Earlier this week, Fowler had the opportunity to meet Grandma Susie and other golfing stars at Olympia Fields. This encounter held great significance for both of them, as Fowler stated, “It was great to come full circle… For her to be able to come out and spend a little time with her was awesome.” The 103-year-old expressed her hope for Fowler to perform well, particularly aiming for a top 5 finish. In response, Fowler gave it his all and achieved that goal, acknowledging Susie’s influence on his performance.

The PGA Tour’s heartwarming tweet documenting Grandma Susie’s first day at a PGA Tour event captured the imaginations of golf fans worldwide. Susie, a devoted follower who had never missed a round, finally witnessed the action in person and cheered on her favorite player. This milestone truly touched the golfing community and highlighted the special bond between Fowler and his biggest fan.

Not only has Grandma Susie’s presence uplifted Fowler’s spirits, but it has also inspired outstanding play on the course. Fowler’s solid rounds of 66-69 so far have him tied in sixth place heading into the weekend. His familiarity with Olympia Fields, having previously won here during his college years, adds confidence to his game. However, it is clear that playing for a higher purpose, with Grandma Susie’s hopes and dreams in mind, has pushed Fowler to channel his best golf.

The BMW Championship has become a stage for something truly extraordinary as Rickie Fowler showcases exceptional golfing skills. But beyond his talent lies an inspiring story of a bond between a golfer and his 103-year-old fan, Grandma Susie. Her unwavering support and presence at this event have motivated Fowler to strive for greatness and deliver his finest performance. As the tournament continues, the world eagerly awaits whether Fowler can build on his success and provide Grandma Susie with even more exhilarating golf to watch.

This post “A 103-Year-Old Fan Inspires Rickie Fowler’s Success at the BMW Championship” was published with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today Magazine.

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