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Navigating the Unresolved Schism within AEW as C.M. Punk Returns

Republished with full copyrights permissions from the Sports Today magazine.

In wrestling, conflicts and backstage drama are not uncommon. However, the recent turn of events surrounding C.M. Punk’s return to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has escalated into a messy situation that demands immediate attention. As the owner and promoter, Tony Khan finds himself at a crucial crossroads, needing to address the problem he helped create.

The tipping point came during AEW Collision in Greensboro, where Punk’s unscripted promo took an unexpected turn. With shots fired at fellow wrestler “Hangman” Adam Page, Punk’s comments were particularly noteworthy due to their personal nature and the fact that he targeted Page on his home turf. The aftermath left fans and industry insiders bewildered, as this feud seemed to have ceased months ago.

Punk’s return to AEW came with the understanding that he would have creative control over AEW Collision. While this granted him the freedom to curate the show and select talent, recent developments indicate that his influence is now extending to backstage politics. Examples include banning Page and other personnel from the show, disrupting the filming process, and exacerbating the tensions within the locker room.

The prolonged animosity between the factions supporting Punk and The Elite poses a challenging distraction for AEW, especially when they should be making significant strides in ratings and capturing the attention of wrestling fans seeking a fresh alternative to WWE. All-In, scheduled later this month at London’s Wembley Stadium, presents a prime opportunity for AEW, but the ongoing discord within the company may hinder their ability to seize the moment.

While backstage tensions continue to simmer, upper management, particularly Tony Khan, has maintained a conspicuous silence on the matter. In allowing this internal conflict to play out without intervention, AEW risks undermining its stability and overall appeal to both talent and fans. The time for passive observation has passed, and proactive measures are necessary to avoid further damage.

AEW’s reputation for granting its wrestlers creative control is admirable and often yields remarkable results. However, it also poses challenges when there is a lack of authoritative intervention to resolve conflicts swiftly. The case of Punk’s banning of talent from Collision serves as a prime example where freedom, without proper checks and balances, can hamper the company’s growth and cause unnecessary strife.

It is crucial for AEW, under Tony Khan’s leadership, to address the Punk vs. Elite conflict promptly. The company stands to lose valuable talent if the toxic work environment persists, potentially affecting contract renewals and leading to the departure of disgruntled wrestlers. Merely being in the headlines is insufficient, as attention shifts from the in-ring product and focuses on backstage discord, casting a negative light on AEW.

The recent turmoil within AEW, triggered by the return of C.M. Punk, requires immediate attention and resolution from Tony Khan and the management team. The unresolved schism between Punk and The Elite threatens to undermine the company’s progress and tarnish its reputation. Swift action is needed to navigate these treacherous waters and restore harmony in order to fully capitalize on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for AEW.

This post “Navigating the Unresolved Schism within AEW as C.M. Punk Returns” was published with full copyrights permissions obtained from the Sports Today magazine.

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