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Can You Fire the Employee Who Didn’t Show Up for Work Today?

No call/no shows can be frustrating for employers who depend on their employees to be present and on time for work. The most common company policy and practice regarding no call/no shows considers an employee to have voluntarily quit after three consecutive days of absence.

This is because failure to report to work for several consecutive days without providing any explanation or giving notice of absence can be considered job abandonment.

However, it is important to check your company’s policy on attendance and to consult with your HR representative or legal counsel before taking any action. This can prevent any wrongful termination lawsuits that may arise, and ensure that the company is adhering to both state and federal employment laws.

Besides that, if the employee has a valid reason for their absence, such as a medical emergency or a family emergency, it is important to follow the company’s policy for reporting absences and to give the employee the opportunity to explain their situation.

Firing an employee without proper documentation or justification can lead to legal consequences, so it is essential for employers to approach the situation with caution and to take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the company’s attendance policy and state and federal employment laws.

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