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The Seven Types of Managers: Which One Are You?

As a leader, it is essential to identify your management style to enhance your leadership skills. Every manager leads their team differently, and each style has different goals and characteristics.

Here are the seven types of managers to help you identify your management style:

1. Autocratic manager: This type of manager makes decisions without consulting their team. They have sole control over their team and often micromanage their employees.

2. Democratic manager: A democratic manager values the opinion of their team members and collaborates with them to reach a decision. They encourage open communication among employees.

3. Coaching manager: A coaching manager identifies the employee’s strengths and weaknesses and enhances their skills through regular feedback and coaching.

4. Laissez-faire manager: This type of manager provides job autonomy to their team members, allowing employees to make their own decisions.

5. Task-oriented manager: A task-oriented manager focuses on specific outcomes and emphasizes productivity in their team.

6. People-oriented manager: A people-oriented manager prioritizes the well-being and happiness of their employees by focusing on creating a positive work environment.

7. Transformational manager: A transformational manager inspires and motivates their team members to work for a common goal. They focus on employee growth and development while providing ample opportunities for learning.

Identifying your management style can help you enhance your leadership skills by understanding your strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge helps you work towards becoming an effective leader. As a manager, you should be flexible enough to adapt your style to the situation and the employees’ needs.

As a leader, it’s essential to identify your management style and work towards becoming an effective manager. Understanding these seven types of managers can help you see where you fit in and what steps you need to take to enhance your leadership abilities.

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