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Work from home: More Asian businesses acceptive of flexible working but not embracive of four-day week

Via ET Now

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Employee preferences are being weighted more heavily than ever, because of just how low unemployment is. Workers are willing to take even a 20 per cent pay cut for remote roles. It’s not going back to the way things were, according to Elisa Mallis, the Managing Director and Vice President of Asia-Pacific at the Center for Creative Leadership.

New Delhi: If the Covid-19 pandemic is to be credited with something good, it would probably be the introduction of work from home. This mode of work not only came as a boon for those seeking work-life balance but also allowed people to pursue their long-due projects or activities.

No matter how many companies have started recalling their employees back to the offices, hybrid working looks like it will stay. In a major shift towards flexible working styles, the number of Asian businesses expecting their employees to work from the office their entire life has decreased over the past two years.

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