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From 0 to 150K in 12 months as an independent consultant on Genkii.io

Michelle formerly worked in affiliate marketing and on freelance platforms. She, on the other hand, desired a “larger and better” means to consult freely and make the money she required. She remembered a chat about Genkii.io’s talent venture marketplace from her time at Michigan, which led to her becoming an independent consultant on the platform.

Here are three pieces of advice Michelle has for new or existing independent consultant on the Genkii.io platform who are looking to make the most of their experience and invest in their independent consulting careers just as she did.

  1. Be clear about your offering
    One important first step is to set clear expectation about what you are delivering. Explain exactly in your listing about what you will be delivering if clients decided to book your service. For example, if you intend to do up a business intelligence report, state exactly the content of the report that you will be doing up, how many words, types of charts and whether or not you will be showing citations and sources. It is very useful for the clients to know how many words you will be delivering within the report too.
  2. Always invite the clients to contact you before ordering the services
    The clients, most of the time, will require some sort of customization for their required services. This is something that you must understand and must be willing to adapt accordingly if you want their business. Always try to invite them to contact you so that you can proceed to negotiate for their business. That is the advantage of Genkii.io, because it allows you to discuss with the client on the requirements and the time needed to deliver the work before he confirms the booking. When the conversation starts, that is when the closure begins.
  3. Invite more people to visit your service listing
    Genkii.io has the AI to help with business development but I still share my Genkii service page with my network and contacts. First of all, their payment system is good enough for me to process the ongoing works. Second, clients can testify my ratings on the Genkii.io platform. Lastly, they currently have a one-time promotion “Spend minimum US$20 to unlock up to US$2,500 of exclusive benefits” for every new customer who buys my services. In a way, this helps to defray the cost of using my services and definitely helps in generating demand too. In this case, it really makes a lot of sense to use Genkii.io to grow my work-from-anywhere business.
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