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  1. Spend min US$20 to unlock up to US$2500 worth of exclusive benefits
  2. Genkii ! begins its Christmas Day Referral Program. Weekly Special Promotions! 
  3. Some highlights from Genkii ! over the past 7 days
  4. Special Promotion for Genkii ! newsletter subscribers – Up to 68% discount on Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone

1. Spend min. US$20 on consultant’s services to unlock up to US$2,500 worth of exclusive benefits

We are having a special promotion when you use our consultants’ and professional service providers’ service. When you have spent minimum of US$20 on our Genkii ! platform, you would be able to unlock up to US$2,500 worth of exclusive benefits for yourself (Ts & Cs apply). 

As for consultants and professional service providers, our special promotion is a great way for you to create even more value-add to your customers. Now, on top of purchasing your services, your customers are also entitled to exclusive benefits that are worth up to US$2,500 (Ts & Cs apply). You can also get your customers to buy from you on our platform, in order to qualify for the exclusive benefits! It is an amazing way to ride on our offerings to promote and market your services to the global audience! 

2. Genkii ! begins its Christmas Day Referral Program. Weekly Special Promotions!

As we edge closer to Christmas Day, it becomes increasingly important to buy all the Christmas gifts for our friends, family, relatives, associates and colleagues. Fret not, we are now having a Christmas Day Referral Program for our members. Once you have already signed up with Genkii !, you can start to refer your associates and friends to join as well. When they join, you will unlock weekly special deals and promotions! Start referring, collecting the promotions and save more money doing so!

For this week, successful referrals will unlock the following deals for you!

a. Save up to 50% on a Posture Corrector for Women and Men, Fully Adjustable Breathable Back Straightener (U.P. US$ 34.99). 

b. Save up to 50% on a Magnetic Measuring Spoon Set, Stainless Steel (U.P. US$ 21.97). 

c. Save up to 30% on a Menstrual Heating Pad (U.P. US$ 29.99).

3. Genkii ! Podcast Series!

We have started the new Genkii ! podcast series for Genkii ! members. The podcast will focus on consultants and professional service providers and their services and would be sent to all of our social media sites to create more awareness of your services. Let us know if you are interested (Ts & Cs apply)! 

4. Engage the services of the newly joined companies, consultants and advisors and professional service providers!

5. Special Promotion for Genkii ! Newsletter Subscribers

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Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone (U.P. US$39.99)

In this newsletter edition, we are giving up to 68% discount off 8,888 units of Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone (U.P. US$39.99). Great for year-end corporate events!

Click this link (https://amzn.to/3G1qPQ3) to activate your Genkii’s special promotion of 48% (only for Genkii ! Followers) then click option “Apply 20% coupon” to enjoy the full 68% discount for Genkii ! Followers.

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