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Genkii ! AI System Update: 14 August 2022

We’ve released the Genkii ! AI system into the digital space on 27 July 2022. Since then, the system has been assessing the digital space for different types of market demands and comparing this information to its current capability.

If the system detects that it doesn’t have the capability and capacity to provide for a particular market demand, it will then persistently try to grow in that area until the system could match them. It is performing this function for many expert domains at once and continuously throughout the day. We’d just basically let the system evolve by itself without much interferences.

Now, it has presented its findings and helped to provide clarity in different types of market opportunities, as shown in the pie chart above.

At the moment, we are trying to improve the system by developing an anti-fraud module. The system has actually picked up a couple of bad actors and it is trying to analyze their behavior, and we want to hard-sequence this knowledge so that the system can automatically watch out for the bad behaviors then self-improve to provide better customer experience.

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