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Genkii ! Newsletter – 29 June 2022

Genkii ! – Global Marketplace for Consultants and Professional Service Providers

  • Published on June 29, 2022

Genkii ! is a marketplace where consultants can find work and companies can locate the finest professional service providers. It’s an excellent way to find new work and make money in an increasingly work from anywhere culture. 

However, there are other more platforms, such as Genkii !, where you may discover work from anywhere employment. If you want to acquire more reviews on Genkii ! and stand out from the crowd, we’ll teach you how in this post.

Inform Your Customers About Your Genkii ! Profile

Include it in your cover letter. Remember to indicate that you’re a Genkii ! member in your cover letter! and invite your customer to go at your profile there.

Provide a free sample. When offering any form of free sample for the task, make it clear that they may provide feedback on Genkii! and make a recommendation to you at the end of their work with you (you can ask them for this verbally or in an email).

Directly solicit feedback from the customer by sending an email inquiring about how well the project went or what changes may be made in terms of quality control and communication. Instead of being asked general questions like “How likely are you to refer this provider?” they will have something tangible to react to.

You also have time during this phase before they leave their review; many people wait until they’ve completed all projects before leaving reviews so they don’t feel rushed or obligated to give positive feedback, but if someone gives negative feedback early on when things aren’t perfect yet, there’s room left over later when things improve!

Make A Website And Connect It To Your Profile

Make a website with your services and portfolio and connect it to your Genkii! profile. The best method to accomplish this is to create a website with WordPress or another content management system. It is also feasible to utilize a free blog platform such as Blogger or Wix (although the latter will require more technical know-how).

Once you’ve created your website, ensure sure the address of your online presence is clearly shown on your Genkii! profile page.

Along with connecting it to your own self-hosted website, make sure to publish this new URL on social networking networks like Twitter and Facebook, even if they don’t have significant followings.

Many consultants and professional service providers find it difficult to promote themselves as experts in specific fields; however, creating an easy way for potential employers/clients/customers to learn more about what they offer makes things easier because they can see exactly what kind of work they do before even exchanging contact information.”

Make a blog with tutorials on your service.

If you’re new to Genkii!, having a blog or website is the greatest method to receive reviews. You may accomplish this by connecting your Genkii! profile to WordPress. You can also develop lessons on how to utilize your service or provide tips and techniques on what you do.

If you don’t know how to start a blog or website, here’s how:

• Purchase a domain name (for example, myname.com) • Host your selected domain name so that it is accessible online

• Install WordPress on top of your hosting account 

Never, ever stop doing what you’re doing.

You might be shocked to hear that the greatest approach to gain more Genkii! reviews is to keep doing what you’re doing. Because Genkii! is a marketplace where individuals may post jobs and consultants can bid on them, competition for the best projects is unavoidable. If you want to get employed, your profile must stand out from all the other profiles in your field of expertise.

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Here are some highlights from Genkii ! over the past 8 days.

Ian added a listing:

Offer Product/ Services: Commercial Director

Iota_Engineering added a listing:

Request Product/ Services: Request Experts: Structural Engineering Calculations -Price Nego.

We are looking for people who are able to do structural engineering…

ChartInvest Research added a listing:

Request Product/ Services: Request Experts: Set up office for Built Environment Co. in S.E.A

Our client intends to set up their business presence in South East Asia and…

Vitaliy added a listing:

Offer Product/ Services: Create app, design solution, software engineer

Offer service to create web-app, design solution for business, SaaS, b2b

Gal added a listing:

Offer Product/ Services: 2D Animating / Motion Design

You will need to provide the graphics which I will animate according to your…

Gacriva added a listing:

Offer Product/ Services: I will create or expand unreal material

create any unreal material you want or expand it to meet your needs. I will…

Hazem added a listing:

Offer Product/ Services: PV technical design & Inverters maintenance

Basem added a listing:

Offer Product/ Services: Graphic Design Services

Bashir added a listing:

Offer Product/ Services: Logo

Storm added a listing:

Offer Product/ Services: Beta Reader, to review your YA or Fantasy Manuscript!

You’ve come a long way from when you started your work, and now it’s…

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