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How to make your Genkii profile stand out?

Before you commit to working with a firm or a professional, you normally want to know who you’ll be dealing with. You might Google them, look at their LinkedIn page, or check out their other social media outlets. At the end of the day, we all want to know a little something about the individuals we’re entrusting our money to, and Genkii buyers are no exception.

Most customers will look at your seller profile first before clicking the “Request” button on Genkii. It is critical to put some time and care into your profile.

Demonstrate your abilities
Whatever your Gig is, whether it’s in graphic design, programming, writing, or anything else, it’s critical to develop a unique approach to explain why you’re the greatest fit for that area – through your profile. If you’re a designer, you should have a fantastic and aesthetically appealing profile photo. If you’re a writer, make sure your description is well worded.

While keeping your profile professional is vital, you should also let your quirks and distinct personality show through. This might be as simple as wearing your favorite band’s t-shirt in your profile photo or mentioning your interests in your description. Keep it subtle, and remember that it’s all about the gigs, but demonstrate that you have something unique to offer.

Show your authentic self.
It’s natural to want to see the person with whom you’re communicating’s face. If you can include a profile photo that clearly reveals your face, it will make your profile appear more professional and convince customers that they are working with a genuine person.

Make good use of your description area.
While it’s OK to add some humor or levity to your description, each word takes up valuable real space. Don’t fill up your page with irrelevant information. First, write a clear and concise explanation of who you are, and then adjust it to make it more personal within the length constraints.

It’s all about demonstrating who you are and the ideals that govern your work when it comes to making your profile stand out. Use your profile to introduce yourself to potential consumers and create a space for them to get to know you. A solid profile inspires consumer confidence and is a crucial component of growing your Genkii business!

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