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How to Earn Money at Genkii.io

Genkii.io is a marketplace for ideas, skills, and abilities where consultants may work on projects they are passionate about. The website has been up and operating for almost a year, and it has since developed several products and services to assist both companies and consultants in getting work done. Because of the platform’s size, a newcomer may find it intimidating. In this brief guide, we’ll go through the steps involved in working and earning money at Genkii.io.

Step 1: Figure out what you’re excellent at, commit to a life of remote consulting, and create an account on Genkii.io. It is completely free to sign up and work at Genkii.io.

Step 2: Create your profile. We cannot emphasize the importance of having a thorough and appealing profile enough. It combines your personality, résumé, portfolio, and abilities into one. It’s also a powerful instrument for persuasion: an employer’s decision to hire you or not may be entirely based on how well you portray yourself.

Step 3: List your skills or identify tasks and begin bidding. Earning money on Genkii.io starts right here. Every day, several projects in various categories are uploaded.

Step 4: Work is the fourth step. This may be the most difficult yet most rewarding stage. Before beginning work, ensure that you and your employer are on the same page in terms of project scope, timelines, and Milestone Payments so that there are no surprises along the way. To clinch the sale, you may need to have a written agreement in place. Everything must be clear between you and the employer before you begin working – you may be too enthusiastic to begin but remain cool and focused.

Step 5: Get compensated and get five-star good reviews. You can withdraw your money once you’ve been paid via PayPal, or your designated local bank account. Also, constantly strive for good comments — accumulating fantastic, quality feedback is an excellent asset to your portfolio.

To keep earning money on Genkii.io, start and repeat steps three to five. 

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