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Here are some highlights that happened on Genkii ! during the past 7 days. #WFH #WFA #Consulting #Work #Freelance

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What’s happening?
1. Excited to announce that 34 companies and 520 users have chosen Genkii ! to promote their product and services. Today, we are introducing 3 companies/ advisors/ consultants who have joined Genkii ! to expand their network and market their service offerings to companies and organisations around the globe. 

2. Special weekly shopping promotion deal for Genkii ! members!

Engage the services of the newly joined companies, consultants and advisors and professional service providers!

a. SEO Website Content Writing by Lenny Criddle. He helps businesses to develop their websites and create pages that have a voice and tone that is perfect for their goals. Purchase the service here
SEO Website Content Writer

b. Leadership Development by Bobby Natapradja. The company helps to put the human touch into leadership practices, by focusing on PEOPLE, PROCESS & PURPOSE of organizations. Purchase the services here
Leadership Development Program
c. 2D illustration, character design, storyboarding and animation by Warren Muzak. He specializes in digital hand drawn artwork for NFTs, character design, concept and storyboard art, caricatures, book covers and interiors. Purchase the service here

The companies’ services were also pushed to major social media sites which exponentially increases the awareness of their services, without any more effort on their part!

Weekly Special for Genkii ! Consultants, Advisors and Professional Service Providers!

This week, Save up to 70% on a home security camera with this promotion, valid until 12/30/2021 11:59PM PST or while supplies last. Use the promo code GENKII after checkout or simply activate the promotion here to apply the relevant discount!carouselAsinImage
What’s Genkii ! ?

Just a reminder, Genkii ! is a digital bazaar where companies and organisations can browse and buy consultancy services, professional services or business services from advisors, consultants and professional service providers from all over the world. 
Our sole aim is to increase your revenue and awareness of your value-adding expertise by marketing them directly to good paying companies that need them! Once your services are listed on Genkii !, it is automatically marketed to major social media sites, exponentially expanding your business presence by mani-folds! 

We also market your services directly to some of the top business decision makers within the Asia region and beyond.

What to do next?
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There’s additional time-limited and space-limited special marketing promotion so visit www.Genkii.io to know more! 
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