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Case studies of expertise provided on Genkii !

This segment is a series of case studies that anyone can refer to, for an idea of how to provide an online service through the Genkii ! network. I decided to write short articles on this because I learnt that there are many talented people but they don’t really know how to monetise their talents.

In the same spirit as I’ve set out for the startup of http://www.Genkii.io, which is to solve the challenge of matching talents/skills to the companies and organisations that require it, and also to be a platform whereby consultants, advisors and professional service providers can work from home (#wfh) or work from anywhere (#wfa).

The need to provide such a platform was especially strong during the Covid-19 pandemic where we’ve witnessed many people who begun to work from home and realised that they can do so while maintaining a good balance between work and life. We want to give this group of people additional channels to monetise their skills. In addition, there were those who lost jobs but they do have the skills and expertise that are required by the private sector. Genkii ! is also to help this group of people to market their skills and expertise to good paying companies, and continue to monetise no matter how tough the going gets.

Then I realise that there’s another issue. A lot of people want to hop on the online bandwagon but they don’t know what they can offer. From my interactions with these people, I see the values of their previous experience and skills and know that it could be monetised, yet they are unaware of it. Which is why I decided to dedicate a little bit of effort to showcase some mini-case studies of what people could consider to offer through the Genkii ! network and hopefully make somewhat a better living for themselves as long as the internet continue to function normally.

I hope that more people will find this useful and leverage it to expand their business. I’m not so much concerned about making money, maybe just enough to cover my operational cost and this is why I set the transaction rate at extremely low levels i.e. 5% of the transaction or USD$1 whichever is higher.

Do watch out for this space and remember to sign up for an account at http://www.Genki.io to increase the awareness of your value-adding services.

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